Steven Goldstein/Amplifi media 


We work with media companies and podcasters in the development of effective audio strategies and “thumb-stopping” content.  Through our Sonic Ai partnership, we create compelling audio “skills” for the exploding category of smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.) 


Steven Goldstein is recognized as a thought leader in audio programming, marketing and management. His track record of success spans virtually every major radio format for some of the nation's top broadcasting companies.

Steven has created and developed numerous successful radio brands and nurtured and advanced local and national talent.  

After holding on-air positions at several local radio stations, The NBC Radio Network (Affiliate Relations Manager), The ABC Radio Network (News Anchor) and WABC RADIO in New York (Assistant Program Director), Steven was a  founding partner in Saga Communications, serving as Executive Vice President and Group Program Director from the company's formation in 1986 until 2015.  Steven's well-regarded programming acumen and strategies helped to propel Saga, which trades on the NYSE, to its current position.




National Association of Broadcasters - NAB - Various

EgTA - European broadcaster association 

Podcast Movement - Chicago, Ft. Worth, Anaheim

Canadian Music Week - Toronto

Borrell Media Conference - NY

Worldwide Radio summit - Los Angeles 

Radio Advertising Bureau - Various

RAIN Summits - Radio and Internet - Various

National  Society of Newspaper Columnists 

Morning Show Bootcamp - Various

Talk Show Bootcamp  - various

MFM - Media Financial Management - Ft. Lauderdale 

IAB AUDIO DAY - San Francisco 

Radio group manager meetings - Various 

Talkers Conference - New York

Collegium - Westchester, NY

Convergence - Silicon Valley