View From Consumer Electronics Show

TOM TAYLOR NOW, January 7, 2016: 

“The big story is what the new auto dashboards will look like, and how easy — or difficult — it will be to find AM and FM radio” — comment from a NOW subscriber prowling the halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center and nearby exhibit areas.

Steve Goldstein: “So much of entertainment content is moving to YouTube,” observes Steve Goldstein of Amplifi Media. He comes back from the YouTube session and says “Big producers like Maker Studios, now owned by Disney, are developing YouTube channels. The bigger players have largely figured out the monetization strategy. This is where talent is going. And look at the growth in traffic, up 60% in the last year. Average ‘TSV,’ Time Spent Viewing, is 50 minutes. CES is really becoming Digital Hollywood.” Speaking of content, Goldstein caught yesterday’s CES keynote of Netflix boss Reed Hastings, and boils it down – “What they have built is another giant disruptive engine to broadcast and cable, much in the way YouTube has, but Netflix is different. Clearly, they are way beyond repurposing movies and TV, and much like HBO, are focused on generating their own well-produced and compelling programming. And, creating a more personalized experience.” Steve says “Click-and-watch is a huge disruption to current TV…It’s about choice and control.” Steve will be posting more on his own Amplifi Media blog, here.

Steven Goldstein