Mobile Is Eating The World

The ascension of mobile continues to impact all media consumption in profound ways.  Recently Comscore released some interesting data on the growth of podcasting among Millennials.  4 in 10 are listening via smartphone apps monthly. It says a lot about podcasting just to see it included in the survey.

Coming up 10,000 feet, the overall audio trend is very revealing. Radio - defined largely by streamed audio -  is ranked second behind social media in terms of total time spent.  The smartphone is clearly the new portable radio.  


Here's a slightly more granular look by streamed audio app.  Adding up Pandora, Spotify and Soundcloud, 19.1 of time spent on apps is with audio.  That's just two points below Facebook.  And that does not factor in YouTube, which many use for streaming music.  

Mobile is "eating the world" and in the process rapidly changing habits and choices for millenial audio consumers.   This is an enormously positive trend for podcast listening.  You can find the entire Comscore 2015 U.S. Mobile App report here.

I will be moderating the podcast panel entitled "In the car/On demand" at the upcoming Dash Conference in Detroit on November 4th and 5th. The agenda for the conference is compelling as it focuses on the confluence of audio and cars, which is rapidly "eating the dashboard" and will change consumer habits forever.  The stakes are high.  

Steven GoldsteinComment