Could Facebook Be The Next Big Platform For Podcasts?

Each media has its own systems for sharing content on social media - Think YouTube, newspapers, TV video -  but so far that hasn't happened with audio.  There are startups such as Clammr focused on making audio more shareable, but getting there has been a challenge for all.  

Wouldn't it be great if an audio clip for an upcoming podcast could be shared on Facebook?  Or a full show? How about a clip from a radio station's morning show? This could amount to a promotional game-changer with great possibilities, but to date Facebook has not permitted audio clips.  

Neiman Lab reports that New York's public radio station, WNYC has been experimenting with posting clips and shows on Facebook they call "Audiograms."  WNYC Recently posted Alec Baldwin's interview with Jimmy Fallon and had 12,000 plays within 48 hours.  Promising.  

Previously, one could post a link to audio content which resides elsewhere, but with an "audiogram" the content would be heard while on Facebook, just as video content is presented. 

Right now, it's just a hack, but if Facebook enables a native audio player, it would be audio's first wide-spread sharing tool.  

At least this holiday season ... one can wish.  

Steven Goldstein - Amplifi Media

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