Mobile is eating the world

Every year Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker comes out with her much anticipated Internet trends report.  I have selected a few slides from the 197 page deck which is chock full of interesting consumer trends.  If there was any doubt that we are in the midst of tectonic changes, this chart speaks volumes:

Mobile is indeed "eating the world."  Mobile use is now 3 hours each day, from nowhere, 5 years ago.  

This chart shows time spent with each media form vs. monetization.  Spending on mobile is likely to continue its ascension, while the newspaper time-spent number is not alarming, its, well, okay, it's alarming.  

One of the significant trends in audio is the creation of original content.  Soundcloud is a monster in the music sector and there are many other platforms including Blogtalkradio, Spreaker and Audioboom dominated by original talk content..  

Millennials now dominate the workforce:

The full report is available here: KPCB REPORT