Which car manufacturer has the best user interface? Who cares.

Which car manufacturer has the best user interface for audio?  That question is so two years ago.  It looks like the answer is - it doesn't matter.  The dashboard is rapidly becoming a Google and Apple world.  Business Insider has published a forecast from IHS saying that by the end of this decade 40 million cars will be Android equipped and 37 million will utilize Apple CarPlay.

Phew.  Now we can move past some of the unbelievably ill conceived designs of car manufacturers and make the process far simpler for consumers.   And it seems somewhat obvious that ultimately cars will feature both platforms so that consumers won't have to junk their phones depending on which car they drive.  

carplay android auto-1.png

The scary part? Now Google and Apple will be the gatekeepers for podcasts, streaming and AM/FM.  

Well, it's going to be a wild ride - see what I did there .......