Advertising Cluster Buster

A top concern of TV, radio, print and on-line advertisers is having their message stand out in a sea of clutter.  A commercial pod on TV or radio can easily feature as many as 8 commercial messages (being kind here).  Pretty deadly if you are the 6th commercial in the ad cluster.

One of the stand-out attributes for podcast advertisers is having their message highlighted in a far less cluttered environment.  That's win number one. Many podcasters have gone further by endorsing a sponsor with a "live" read or creating custom ads which often sound as good as show content.  This is actually a step back to the golden age of radio and early days of TV when programs had title sponsors such as "Texaco Theater" and it was common for the talent to do "live" ads.  This went on into the 60's and 70's.  I recall Ed McMahon starting up lawn mowers on The Tonight Show.

Read The New York Times piece on podcast advertising HERE along with some excellent examples of great advertising integration.    

And thank you for all of the great feedback from last week's infographic on podcasting.  Tons of downloads.  If you haven't seen it yet, click the link.