Lefsetz - The Podcast Revolution

One of the most prominent and vocal bloggers following the music and audio business is Bob Lefsetz. Today, Bob writes about the revolution occurring in podcasting, and smartly he recognizes that most of the successful content has a different feel to it than a lot of the shortened or overly slick audio product found elsewhere in media.  

Bob says: 

"There’s the intimacy… In a world where you’re constantly told you’re inadequate and don’t count, you feel close to podcasters, even if you never contact them. It’s akin to FM radio back in the midsixties, it’s a small club and you’re thrilled to stay up all night listening."

"Podcasts are the radio shows of yore, before there was TV, but they’re on demand."

"And you may not be listening now, but you will be."

Bob offers a list of podcasts he is listening to and offers comments about why there is a podcast revolution underway.  The entire post is HERE.  

Steven GoldsteinComment