Mashable: Podcasting embraces a new era of cool


Another great piece on the emergence of podcasting found on Mashable's front page Saturday.  Apple reports over 20 billion downloads since starting their service.  And who is the guy who named podcasts podcasts?  It's not who you think. Sorry Adam Curry.

And true or not:

"Consider the alternative: advertising on commercial radio has become so devalued that stations regularly run just 28 minutes of content an hour. With podcasts, there is no interrupting every few minutes. Shows have advertiser and sponsor support that they usually address two-to-three times in an hour or they are self-funded."

...And I love this:

"Another factor fueling the popularity of podcasts: audio, unlike video, doesn't require a high-speed broadband connection and a beautiful screen. A podcast, just like listening to your favorite music on an iPhone, is as low-tech as high-tech gets."

A good read.  Full article HERE.   

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