Too busy to read your favorite websites? Just Listen

Lots of people enjoy the content of their favorite newspapers, magazines, and websites, but often don't have the time or discipline to read. Now they can listen.  

On Monday, Apple added Spoken Editions to iTunes and its Podcasts app with narrated versions of written content from a variety of print and web publishers. 

Spoken Editions launches with over 40 feeds and comes from New York based SpokenLayer, a start-up company I advise and have invested in.

Initial content comes from content providers including Time, Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Wired, Mashable, Reuters, Mic, Ozy, Playboy, Gizmodo and many more in the works.

The thesis for Spoken Layer has much to do with speed and societal change. People are constantly on the go and narrated content from great publications fits well in the car, while working, walking the dog or similar actives.  

SpokenLayer Founder Will Mayo

SpokenLayer Founder Will Mayo

Will Mayo, the founder of Spoken Layer identified the need for curated audio content. "I grew up listening to and loving NPR and my family reading out loud.  When I was finishing grad school the content I cared about was online, so a started down a path to make that content come alive so I could listen to what I cared about and curate it my self."  

For publishers who are focused on retention and growth of readers, they now have an engaging audio strategy and a path for ad-based revenue.  

The company works directly with publishers and advertisers.  

SpokenLayer transforms written content into human-read bite size content from premium publications, and creates audio versions of longer articles that can be listened to anywhere.

The exciting prospect of SpokenLayer is giving on-demand audio another fresh dimension.


Steven Goldstein is CEO of Amplifi Media, LLC, an advisor in strategy and content development for corporations and podcasters. Steve can be reached directly at (203) 221-1400 or


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