To Make a Successful Podcast, Start With These Eight Essential Questions

According to Apple, there are now over 400,000 podcast titles out there. Last I looked there were 35 on the subject of woodworking and over 40 on fly fishing. So, as you think about selecting a topic and leaping in to develop your own podcast, there are some critical questions which jump ahead of which mic to use.

Good product design always starts with the end user in mind. I didn't know I needed a new blender, but Ninja made a great case. Same goes with podcasting. If your podcast doesn't provide a clear perceived benefit and value right from the start, the chance of garnering a following is pretty limited. 

We have too many conversations without solid answers to these core questions

Content that resonates with listeners successfully answers these 8 key litmus test questions:

  • What is the podcast about? - What is the elevator pitch?
  • Why this podcast? - You could pick lots of subjects.  Why this topic? Knowledge?  Authority?  Credibility?
  • Why this podcast now? - Has something changed in the world, showbiz, news-cycle, to make the timing right?
    • What makes this podcast different/unique? - What is the fresh take?
    • What makes this podcast better than others in the category?
    • People click on podcasts with an expectation - What will they feel during/after listening?
      • What will they learn? 
      • How will it make them feel? 
      • Will they smile? Laugh? Cry? Think? 
    • Who is going to listen to this podcast?  - Who is the target listener?  Age?  Location?  
    • How will the podcast be discovered? - Social?  Broadcast? Print? What is the promotion catalyst? Frequency of cross-marketing?

    Many broadcasters are now looking to get into podcasting. We applaud that. We, however, have a lot of conversations without solid answers to these core questions, which in our view, will often impede success.

    A version of this ran in my column at All Access


    At Podcast Movement in Anaheim we have teamed with Nuvoodoo Media to present the findings of a series of breakthrough one-on-one focus groups with millennials. This first-ever series covers many topics including:

    • How many podcasts are they really listening to per week?
    • Where are they listening to podcasts?
    • What impact do the ads have?
    • Which podcasts do they listen to?
    • How do they find new podcasts?
    • Do they listen all the way through a podcast?
    • And more ..... 

    Thursday, August 24, 11am - watch the trailer:

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