Radio's New Strategies and New Platforms tomorrow at the NAB/RAB Radio Show

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On Wednesday of this week at the NAB/RAB Radio Show in Austin, Fred Jacobs and I will lead a two-part headliner session.  

The car is going through significant change as an entertainment platform. Every new car has a lot more tech and more listening choices. Fred will reveal key findings from a recent NAB study on in-car presence which will be critical in protecting radio's in-car moat.

I'll follow by laying out the opportunity and strategies for commercial radio to make headway onto two major platforms - podcasting and smart speakers.  These are two important platforms for radio to master, and the time is now as more audio choices proliferate and compete for listener attention.


I will have as special guest, Kirk Minihane from WEEI, Boston.  Kirk is co-host of the WEEI morning show and an early adopter to podcasting. His podcast is among the biggest original content shows coming from radio. His story is a great one and shows how talent can and should master multiple content platforms.

Join us for the "Fred and Steve Show, " tomorrow, September 6 at 4pm at The Radio Show.

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