Why Voice Matters in 2018



With the continued ascent of podcasting and the rocket ship trajectory of smart speakers, this has been proclaimed "the year of audio."  It is hard to know who said it first, but the sentiment is all over.  This week's CES show in Las Vegas will be dominated by the "AI" battle between Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, along with others from Microsoft and Samsung. This is the first time Google will appear at CES and the approach is full-on.  

In a video centric Netflix and YouTube world, the rise of audio is remarkable. Smart Speakers are expected to grow 60% this year, on top of the 279% growth last year.  The arc is to the convenience and control of audio-on-demand.

A lot of people have made the case for audio, but none better, or more compelling than noted marketer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck.  Gary is his own rich multi-platform juggernaut running a full service digital agency, a podcast, videos and is a frequent speaker.

Gary makes his case for audio in two minutes.  There are a couple of expletives in here, so beware:

Direct link to the video here 

Thanks to Sharon Taylor CEO at Omny Studio for the video

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