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The latest smart speaker report from Edison Research is hot off the presses and illustrates the hockey stick growth of smart speakers.  43 million Americans own a smart speaker – that’s 18% of the 18+ population - making it the fastest growing electronic device since the smart phone.

According to several audio aggregators, podcast listening on smart speakers is remarkably low.  

We know that music tops the list of things people are using smart speakers for, but how is podcast listening performing? 

According to several audio aggregators,  podcast listening on smart speakers is remarkably low.  

Wednesday (7/25) at 10am at Podcast Movement, I will be moderating a session focused on smart speaker strategy and how to grow podcast listening. We have an exceptionally good group of panelists and we will slice it all open:

·      Why is podcast listening on smart speakers so low?

·      What can podcasters do to boost discovery and listening? 

·      What other impediments exist?  Length of content?  

·      Is there confusion between Flash Briefings and podcasts?

·      What are broadcasters (TV and radio) doing to generate awareness and clarity with smart speaker skills? 

·      Even in these early innings, we look at what types of content are having the most impact.

·      Smart speakers quickly become the device of choice for audio listening among first adopters.  What is the impact with AM/FM radios and other devices?

On the panel:


Meg Goldthwaite– Chief Marketing Officer, NPR – Arguably the most innovative and experienced effort in the category has come from NPR.

Rob McCracken– Corporate Development Director, E.W. Scripps – Scripps has moved rapidly with their TV group to develop robust flash briefings.  Rob will share early learnings. And Scripps is the parent company of Midroll so we hope to tap into that.

Justin Chase- EVP programming, Beasley Media. They have 65 skills running across all of their radio stations.  What moves the needle? 

Will Mayo – CEO, Spoken Layer – Will’s company creates custom smart speaker audio for a lot of major print companies.  We’ll dig in. 

Bob Kernen - COO, Jacapps– Jacapps builds skills for media companies and beyond. Bob brings real world insights.  

This is the only panel at Podcast Movement devoted to smart speakers.  It happens Wednesday at 10am, as part of Jacobs Media's Broadcasters Meets Podcasters series, but open to all attendees of the conference.

This is a giant, but currently elusive, opportunity.  Hope to see you there.  

Alexa, Play Me a Podcast - Wednesday July 25, 10am @ Podcast Movement

Alexa, Play Me a Podcast - Wednesday July 25, 10am @ Podcast Movement